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Perry White, the celebrated and exclusive fashion designer, who’s creations have graced the beautiful curves of musical goddesses such as Queen Latifah, Macy Grey, television celebrities such as Nicole Murphy, E.J. Johson, and adorned the shoulders of musical legends such as Prince, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube and LL Cool J, is proud to present his “Unapologetically Sexy” Collection, now available to the public.

This collection represents a bold approach to fashion, designed to transform an industry that often spouts conflicting messages to women. For Perry, the sexuality of a woman is a source of celebration, and this unique line is created to empower her to freely express that sexuality. “It’s okay for a woman to be sexy, as a matter of fact, she should flaunt it and embrace it! Why does a woman have to apologize for it? Why should she be called a slut for it?” Perry asks. “Do you know how boring this world would be if there was less sexy?”

The “Unapologeticcally Sexy” collection is clean, breathtaking and stunning in it’s powerful simplicity. When a woman wears Perry White, she won’t just feel sexy, she becomes sexy.